What to Expect

Expect to experience something larger than yourself, to be wrapped up into a story in which you are a character, but not the main one. In the liturgy, we are immersed into God’s story, using timeless words and melodies to retell the story of God’s redeeming work. You should expect to hear whispers of the shout which is the praise and worship of all God’s people from every time and every place, surrounding you each Sunday morning whether you sing or just listen. In the Sacrament, you are not the main character, but partaking of the body and blood of Jesus who IS, who comes to you, giving you forgiveness for your sins and healing for your brokenness. The Sacrament (Eucharist) is the high point of our worship service and our week, as God comes to us and not the other way around. In that moment Heaven has truly come to earth as we surround the throne of God as beggars receiving a “holy handout”. Finally, expect to quit being an individual, for at least an hour. Whether you worship silently in the back or enthusiastically in the front, you are not an individual. You are part of the larger community of faith for that moment (or as long as you’d like to be), even if you’re joining us for the first time.