May 2, 2021

Last Friday was a very busy day at 1500 Western. Pastor has started to setup his office…but we’ve buried him with boxes! Verizon set us up with wonderful internet services and it appears the signal can reach the sanctuary. We are hoping Spectrum keeps our internet running for today as we say good bye one last time to 10 Western and leave with excitement of what the future holds and you can watch us livestream. Over the past few weeks our army of volunteers have been unpacking and cleaning as our new sanctuary is taking shape. And we even had some friendly competition…Diane, our secretary, beat Pastor to having a completely unpacked and setup office…which means she gets the main phone. Give her a call at our new number (518) 464-2648 starting Tuesday when we officially leave St. Paul’s 10 Western/475 State location forever.

Next week we will begin worship at 1500 Western Avenue (Formerly Christ Lutheran Church). If you don’t have your street numbers memorized it is directly across from Stuveysant Plaza between The Fuller Road Alternate (which is the funky tail of the Northway that takes you to Crossgates and US20…did you know it had a name?) and Fuller Road. There is a sidestreet to our paved parking lot located on the west end (the side toward Crossgates rather than Albany). We will begin worship at 10:00 a.m. If you need directions let us know!