April 25, 2021

This is an exciting time as well as a sad time for St. Paul’s. The reality that we will no longer be in a building that carries so many special memories for so many of us. However, we can truly see God at work. Many of us, myself included, did not think that our building would ever be home to another church…but God had other plans. When we built our building in 1873 we were a neighborhood church for German speaking immigrants who walked to church. And as Albany grew so did the number of Lutheran churches in our area. And so has society. To think that when our 10 Western building was built there were no lights, no cars, no Internet, and just 37 states. Today our ministry has changed and our needs have as well. And 10 Western will now be home to a new neighborhood church.

As we look forward over the next few weeks you will notice that Pastor’s valued YouTube messages are absent. He has been busy preparing for our move and we’ve been busy clearing out his office. You can view our Facebook Live worship. And once we are settled in you’ll see Pastor Dorner’s new office and our new home. We hope you will join us either in person or online.